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  • 발표3 / Presentation 3 / 発表3 [S2: Healthcare]
  • anonymous
    2017.10.18 23:28:40
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    • 9 November
    • 15:30-18:00
    • 시니어 케어 수면모니터링 시스템 특징과 구현 방법
      ---- The Characteristics and Realization of a Sleep Monitoring System for Senior Care
      ---- シニアケア睡眠モニタリングシステムの特徴と実装方法
    • 티모 아티토코스키
      ---- Timo Atittokoski (Emfit. Ltd.)
      ---- ティモ・アトトコスキ(Emfit。Ltd.)

    무구속 무자각 생체신호 센서 기반 수면 모니터를 이용한 시니어 수면 및 건강 상태 모니터링에 대해 알아본다.
    티모박사는 인간 복지를 모니터링하는 도구 및 장치에 대한 알고리즘 개발에 주된 기여를하고있다.
    수면 및 수면의 양, 스트레스 및 회복 모니터링 및 분석 , 최적화, 데이터 및 민감도 분석, 메타 모델링 및 신호 처리 분야의 전문가로 지능형 R & D 솔루션을 가능하게하는 기술을 개발한다.


    Timo Atittokoski (Emfit. Ltd.)(Emfit. Ltd.)
    As a chief scientist of Emfit Ltd, Dr. Timo Aittokoski is responsible for research, development, innovation, and implementation of several algorithms and products. Recently,  his main contribution has been in the algorithmic development for tools and devices that monitor human well-being, such as the amount of sleep and sleep classifications, as well as the monitoring and analysis of stress and recovery.
    Dr. Aittokoski looks back to more than 20 years experience in demanding  software, research and R&D projects, both in academia (University of Jyväskylä) and in private companies (PartnerGroup, TietoEnator, Valtra, Patria).
    He is a specialist in optimization, data & sensitivity analysis, metamodeling and signal processing, as well as techniques enabling intelligent R&D solutions. Dr. Aittokoski also possesses a solid background in and understanding of different mechanical and electronic devices and systems, as well as  human physiology.


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